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a must read hilarious blog

This has to be my new favorite blog that I will start to check daily. I can honestly say I will probably end up on this blog one day. HA! passiveaggressivenotes.com

wild things are beautiful

I was Max for Halloween this year so it goes without saying I am a Where the Wild Things Are fanatic and have been since I was little. I feel in love with the pendants made by Roadkill.

Check out all of them here.

the alpha table

This has to be the most beautiful table I have ever seen. If only I had $500 bucks (on sale from $900) to give Crate & Barrel. But, a girl can dream can't she?

enjoy your Christmas with a little line art

Simplicity puts a smile on my face. Here is a cute little email I received yesterday from CB2.

Those little guys are adorable huh?

new design hunger logo

I am trying to think of ways to make this blog more user friendly. In the mean time I added a logo to give it a bit of personality. What are your thoughts?

animation so good and so simple


WordFu (iPhone App)

I am back in the iPhone loop. I bought the 3Gs iPhone as a happy birthday to me. I have to feed my inner nerd here and there. :)

I am a word game lover and I stumbled upon a great gem a few weeks ago called WordFu. If you like ninja fight sounds, word games, and a beautifully designed interface you will love this freaking game. One of the cool things about this game is, after making words with the little blocks you get to do a ninja chop (shake the phone) to lock in your word. How cool is that? Oh, did I mention there is a free version that is almost as cool as the paid app?

How to play

reblog "30 Wildly Creative Logos that Showcase Animals"

I thought this was a awesome post and I had to share.
30 Wildly Creative Logos that Showcase Animals

the key is in the numbers (typeface)

A lot of designers look for inspiration for design projects and just want a load of creative work in one spot. This is a series of just that. I have gathered the best of the best and posted it here. There are tons of blogs out there with the best 10, 30, 70, or 100 or more of well designed projects. The key is to follow search results that start with numb3rs.

Don't hate the repeats.

I love a sentence that has the words "free" and "typeface" in it. Here are some resouces filled with free well designed typefaces.

17 Remarkably Professional Looking Free Fonts 


26 Must-Have Free Fonts



pleasant surprise

In search of the designers from my previous post I stumbled on "Kiss My Black Ad's." It is a blog centered around, well, in the blog's own words "...features work for, by & of multicultural people. Which really means any & everybody doesn't it? The purpose of the blog is to learn, teach, as well as inspire marketers & creatives."

I humbled and honored to be interviewed for Kiss My Black Ad's as a bright young designer. Follow me to read the interview.

Thank you a million times Craig Brimm, Creative Director, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Culture Advertising Design in Atlanta, Georgia.

minority designers

I, like all designers that attended school, was taught about great designers. In that group of greats there were people like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Paula Scher. Recently I reflected on all the things missing from who I learned about. There where really no Black, Hispanic, Asian, and just a few women in the bunch of greats being taught.

I did my own research and here where the results of my findings. There were more greats that never came out of my teachers mouth that, in my opinion, should have.

Passionately Pink For The Cure

Passionately Pink For The Cure

Get passionate about pink. Vote for my entry. No one should have to wear a tacky shirt in search for a cure. Support the cause.

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the key is in the numbers (busines cards)

A lot of designers look for inspiration on design projects and just want a load of creative work in one spot. This is a series of just that. I have gathered the best of the best and posted it here. There are tons of blogs out there with the best 10, 30, 70, or 100 or more of well designed projects. The key is to follow search results that start with numb3rs.

Here goes!
This is dedicated to all the hungry business card designers.
Don't hate the repeats.

36 Beautiful Business Card designs

60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design

Business Card Design: Better Than A Plain Ol’ Business Card

Cool business card designs

42 Awesome Business Card Designs (With Links to 100s More)

52 More Unique Business Card Designs

amazing artist you should know

Robert Burden
From Transformers to He-Man, Robert Burden covers it all. He does huge absolutely beautiful oil paintings of his childhood action figures. You must see his work, follow me to his toy box.

a damn good flash site


Make sure you click on the hot air balloon and take it all the way to the top.

yummy tees

HOW sweet it is...

It is so sweet to go home to a free set of books from HOW. I won the August Sweepstakes! In each issue, HOW features the latest must-have books for designers. I was the lucky winner that received the August set of books. THANKS HOW!

& I love it!

This is a type/jewelry lovers dream. Check out all the goodies by Isette.

i want my custom Kindle!

Engadget and Amazon have teamed up and created a design your own Kindle contest. See details here. I found out about this contest two days before the it ended while listing to a podcast and eagerly finished my entry in one day. Very soon 5 design savvy winners will get their very own custom etched Kindle.

Hope I win. Fingers crossed.

Update: I was not a finalist but it was great fun creating my entry. 

freelance polish, extra shine

There are times when people don't take freelancer designers serious. Some will treat you like a pair of hands building their "brilliant" idea or just think you are amateur designer and will not take your time or business seriously. If you are looking for a but more respect there is a tool to make your freelance business seem a bit more, businessey (yea, i said it). The big plus is you will put your project management in overdrive.

$120 / year translates to only $10 / month
  • Automatic Email Reminders To Your Clients For Overdue Invoices
  • Email Reminders for nearing and due project / milestone deadlines
  • Push notifications to your iPhone via Prowl
  • Scheduling Emails To Clients
  • Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Milestones
  • Unlimited Links

logout surprise

Look closer at this image. Is it me or is her eye a bit odd? I found this little gem while logging out of my Wachovia online account. No wonder that guy has his back turned to her.

the real world

Sometimes it takes a simple and photorealistic mock-up of your awesome work to make it complete.

Follow me to make this happen.

how awesome are wax seals?

I have get me one of these.

Free + Font = Freakin' Awesome

Who loves free typefaces?
Who loves a lot well designed free typefaces in one place?
Follow me to your dream come true: 15 Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts
::deep breath:: Ah, don't you love the smell of free?

embrace the complex

Sometimes I stay away from things I am not the best at. I am not one to use a lot of shadows or gradients. I stick to flat simple color. I love the simplicity of it. There are times I would like to add a bit of dept but would like it to be as realistic as possible. I found this really helpful post on Smashing Magazine that may help me get of the fear of butchering the realistic shadow. A fear of fake shadows. There has to be a name for it. I will call it fauxsciaphobia.

Follow me: 5 Simple Tricks To Bring Light and Shadow Into Your Designs

two for the munny

Truth be told, I bought a munny while in St. Louis in February of 08 and it is still blank. I want to create a awesome munny but I just cant make up my mind. So here are some great munny's that are not only well executed but just beautiful. Props to all the artist.


design nerd iPhone apps

With the big hoopla over the iPhone and how great it is I feel for the apple "cool." I recently bought a iPhone for myself only to be disappointed and in-like with it. It is so easy to use and navigate but without a jailbreak there are a bunch of very simple things that you cannot do.

iPhone shortcoming's:
  • Forwarding a txt msg
  • Sending multimedia messages
  • Video recording
  • Bluetooth data transfer

There are more but you get the idea. You would think AT&T would tell you this when selling you the phone, no, they do not. I took my phone to the AT&T store and got my $200 back and the same day (I am not surprised with my luck) I found out about iPhone OS 3.0 coming in the summer of 09. I was pissed! I played with that phone fell in-like (almost love) with it and not being able to do what I wanted took it back and then I find this out. You would not believe the number of AT&T tech support, customer service reps, and sales people I talked to and not one, NOT ONE was aware nor did they bring up OS 3.0 coming in the summer. How sad is that?

I can honestly tell you I have never had a good experience with AT&T and this is one experience to add to the list. I will go and buy the iPhone when the new OS comes out but come on AT&T. Train your people. They should have knowledge of not only the products but how to do basic troubleshooting on all phones. At first I was mad at apple but by the end of it all my anger shifted right back to AT&T, as usual.

With that all out of me system, :) I want to get into designer friendly iPhone apps and wallpapers.
First up, wallpapers:

cartoon cartoon, I love you

Who doesn't love cartoons? Who doesn't love kidrobot's Munny, or a really cool rip off it at least?

Cartoon Network has a new look for 2009 from Capacity. Check out the new brand montage here: capacity.tv

business card maniac!!!

I have searched high an low and have feel in love with this simple business card design. It is a notepad screen shot for crying out loud! Bravo Romi Dunitrescu

To see 78 other gorgeous business card designs, follow me:
79 Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Designs