two for the munny

Truth be told, I bought a munny while in St. Louis in February of 08 and it is still blank. I want to create a awesome munny but I just cant make up my mind. So here are some great munny's that are not only well executed but just beautiful. Props to all the artist.


design nerd iPhone apps

With the big hoopla over the iPhone and how great it is I feel for the apple "cool." I recently bought a iPhone for myself only to be disappointed and in-like with it. It is so easy to use and navigate but without a jailbreak there are a bunch of very simple things that you cannot do.

iPhone shortcoming's:
  • Forwarding a txt msg
  • Sending multimedia messages
  • Video recording
  • Bluetooth data transfer

There are more but you get the idea. You would think AT&T would tell you this when selling you the phone, no, they do not. I took my phone to the AT&T store and got my $200 back and the same day (I am not surprised with my luck) I found out about iPhone OS 3.0 coming in the summer of 09. I was pissed! I played with that phone fell in-like (almost love) with it and not being able to do what I wanted took it back and then I find this out. You would not believe the number of AT&T tech support, customer service reps, and sales people I talked to and not one, NOT ONE was aware nor did they bring up OS 3.0 coming in the summer. How sad is that?

I can honestly tell you I have never had a good experience with AT&T and this is one experience to add to the list. I will go and buy the iPhone when the new OS comes out but come on AT&T. Train your people. They should have knowledge of not only the products but how to do basic troubleshooting on all phones. At first I was mad at apple but by the end of it all my anger shifted right back to AT&T, as usual.

With that all out of me system, :) I want to get into designer friendly iPhone apps and wallpapers.
First up, wallpapers: