& I love it!

This is a type/jewelry lovers dream. Check out all the goodies by Isette.

i want my custom Kindle!

Engadget and Amazon have teamed up and created a design your own Kindle contest. See details here. I found out about this contest two days before the it ended while listing to a podcast and eagerly finished my entry in one day. Very soon 5 design savvy winners will get their very own custom etched Kindle.

Hope I win. Fingers crossed.

Update: I was not a finalist but it was great fun creating my entry. 

freelance polish, extra shine

There are times when people don't take freelancer designers serious. Some will treat you like a pair of hands building their "brilliant" idea or just think you are amateur designer and will not take your time or business seriously. If you are looking for a but more respect there is a tool to make your freelance business seem a bit more, businessey (yea, i said it). The big plus is you will put your project management in overdrive.

$120 / year translates to only $10 / month
  • Automatic Email Reminders To Your Clients For Overdue Invoices
  • Email Reminders for nearing and due project / milestone deadlines
  • Push notifications to your iPhone via Prowl
  • Scheduling Emails To Clients
  • Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Milestones
  • Unlimited Links

logout surprise

Look closer at this image. Is it me or is her eye a bit odd? I found this little gem while logging out of my Wachovia online account. No wonder that guy has his back turned to her.

the real world

Sometimes it takes a simple and photorealistic mock-up of your awesome work to make it complete.

Follow me to make this happen.