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In search of the designers from my previous post I stumbled on "Kiss My Black Ad's." It is a blog centered around, well, in the blog's own words "...features work for, by & of multicultural people. Which really means any & everybody doesn't it? The purpose of the blog is to learn, teach, as well as inspire marketers & creatives."

I humbled and honored to be interviewed for Kiss My Black Ad's as a bright young designer. Follow me to read the interview.

Thank you a million times Craig Brimm, Creative Director, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Culture Advertising Design in Atlanta, Georgia.

minority designers

I, like all designers that attended school, was taught about great designers. In that group of greats there were people like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Paula Scher. Recently I reflected on all the things missing from who I learned about. There where really no Black, Hispanic, Asian, and just a few women in the bunch of greats being taught.

I did my own research and here where the results of my findings. There were more greats that never came out of my teachers mouth that, in my opinion, should have.

Passionately Pink For The Cure

Passionately Pink For The Cure

Get passionate about pink. Vote for my entry. No one should have to wear a tacky shirt in search for a cure. Support the cause.

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the key is in the numbers (busines cards)

A lot of designers look for inspiration on design projects and just want a load of creative work in one spot. This is a series of just that. I have gathered the best of the best and posted it here. There are tons of blogs out there with the best 10, 30, 70, or 100 or more of well designed projects. The key is to follow search results that start with numb3rs.

Here goes!
This is dedicated to all the hungry business card designers.
Don't hate the repeats.

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