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If you are in need of inspiration or just want to pass the time, check out This site is a "infobase for PDF magazines made all over the world." There are magazines that cover almost every topic from architecture & art to writing. You could spend hours on this site and not scratch the surface. Enjoy!

straightforward printing techniques & terms

You ever talk to someone wanting to get something printed an you go right into questions like "Do you want a custom print with die-cuts or foil stamping?" only to find out they have no clue what you are saying?

Did you answer yes?

Did you answer yes again?

Anyhoo, here is a great link to share or pull up on your phone in the moment to get them on the same page. It can also help with designers not being sure of how to go about setting up a file correctly for the printer if you are wanting these custom techniques.

Smashing job Smashing Magazine!

Designing & Producing Creative Business Cards: Techniques & Details