little printer = big possibilities

Everyone enjoys service with a smile and why not get your RSS services printed with a smile, a cute one at that. London based design studio BERG has developed a great Little Printer that lets you print your RSS feeds from your phone. They have partnered with a few companies like Nike, Google, and Foursquare, sure to make this launch in 2012 a great one. For instance with Google you can print news feeds and list or with Nike you can track your calories burned over the last few weeks, including yesterdays workout.

I think it is brilliant! Did I mention it is inkless?
Watch the video to fully understand the cool and cute factor of this. 

I hope they open the possibilities of this printer to business solutions like on-the-go receipt printing or instant customizable coupons or vouchers. This could be used for businesses on the go or just a daily to-do list you tear off on the way out the door after grabbing your keys. Really the possibilities are endless!