Craig Frazier picture books

There is something about children's books that just steals my heart. No matter how old I get I will never be too old for children's books. There are trillion different ways to stylize, simplify, and even color the illustrations to tell the story. It is not just a book cover but every page has personality and makes you feel one step closer to the character and the dreamworld. Talk about losing yourself in a book. I think there is no other type of book that's better to loose yourself in than a children's book.

There are a lot of great illustrators creating works of art but the great Craig Frazier has to be one of my favorites. Taking both kids and adults to another planet all while making us use our brains along the way. From the super simplified "bee and bird" to the art deco influenced "Stanley" his work is amazing eye candy. Outside of his illustrations for books his editorial work is rich with symbolism and meaning.

Checkout his work at, there is a lot of it.