paint by pixels

I hope you had the joy of creating an awesome painting of a bouquet of flowers as a kid just by filling in the gaps on horrible newsprint with the correct color. I also hope it stayed on the family fridge for months until it was joined by an amazing crayon, marker, & macaroni masterpiece.

Enough of the memory lane trip & time for a modern twist on the paint by numbers idea. I think this twist is awesome not only because the small sense of accomplishment I get when completing a task but, it is a community effort!

Painted with Pixels was created by iam8bit Productions for the "The Game Developers Conference"  in 2012. The idea is each of the conference’s attendees would receive a 2″ pixel, either cyan, magenta, yellow, or black and would get to place his or her pixel on the wall in a corresponding square.

This is a "Why didn't I think of that?" project. I was tasked with coming up with a community project for Dell on Earth Day and it was not nearly as cool as this. Well, it was cool but not 20 feet by 8 feet of dragons & monsters cool.


Follow me to see more photos and details of the project.