the alpha table

This has to be the most beautiful table I have ever seen. If only I had $500 bucks (on sale from $900) to give Crate & Barrel. But, a girl can dream can't she?

enjoy your Christmas with a little line art

Simplicity puts a smile on my face. Here is a cute little email I received yesterday from CB2.

Those little guys are adorable huh?

new design hunger logo

I am trying to think of ways to make this blog more user friendly. In the mean time I added a logo to give it a bit of personality. What are your thoughts?

animation so good and so simple


WordFu (iPhone App)

I am back in the iPhone loop. I bought the 3Gs iPhone as a happy birthday to me. I have to feed my inner nerd here and there. :)

I am a word game lover and I stumbled upon a great gem a few weeks ago called WordFu. If you like ninja fight sounds, word games, and a beautifully designed interface you will love this freaking game. One of the cool things about this game is, after making words with the little blocks you get to do a ninja chop (shake the phone) to lock in your word. How cool is that? Oh, did I mention there is a free version that is almost as cool as the paid app?

How to play

reblog "30 Wildly Creative Logos that Showcase Animals"

I thought this was a awesome post and I had to share.
30 Wildly Creative Logos that Showcase Animals

the key is in the numbers (typeface)

A lot of designers look for inspiration for design projects and just want a load of creative work in one spot. This is a series of just that. I have gathered the best of the best and posted it here. There are tons of blogs out there with the best 10, 30, 70, or 100 or more of well designed projects. The key is to follow search results that start with numb3rs.

Don't hate the repeats.

I love a sentence that has the words "free" and "typeface" in it. Here are some resouces filled with free well designed typefaces.

17 Remarkably Professional Looking Free Fonts

26 Must-Have Free Fonts