part 2, design nerd iPhone apps

I want to start off by asking, don't you wish you could bookmark apps right in the app store on your phone? There are apps that can do that for you but that should just be a feature right in the regular app store. Apple, you should be on top of this stuff and not out making pads.

Anyhoo, to all of my iPhone loving designers out there this is for you. I found more great apps that I wanted to share.

I like to start out with FREE things first. A good free app makes the day better.

"Action Method is an intuitive approach to productivity, designed to help creative thinkers push their ideas into action. Based on the power of capturing and managing "Action Steps" (tasks you need to complete), Action Method ensures nothing falls through the cracks, and ideas are accomplished."

Try it out, it's FREE!

It is as simple as saying it is the site in app form. It holds daily inspiration, tutorials, and even a pretty cool Flickr pool. Hey, that rhymed!

Threads, By NimbleBit
If you are not a t-shirt fan you must have never visited their site. Go on take a look, I will wait. While you are browsing check out their iPhone cases as well.
Think about all the cool tees bought straight from your phone. You can even screen-cap the designs and use them as wallpaper.

Press Check Lite, By FORMation
Real design nerds can appreciate this. It is a press check game! "PRESS CHECK is a designer ode to the old-school art of print plate alignment re-imagined as a challenge of speed and accuracy on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Show off your non-digital skills with 2 types of print jobs: a 2-color easy setup and a 3-color challenging setup. You’ll long for the sweet smell of ink and the hum of the press as you test your eye for perfect registration."

"Texas Design" is a real gem. It is not only for designers like myself that are in Texas but it holds information for designers all over the world. It takes information from the site, has a smashing magazine feed, a AIGA feed, and information for freelancers as well.

Grab your wallet because the paid apps are below.
clockVetica, By sushiGrassView $.99
"Swiss-tested and designer-approved, clockVetica is an iPhone clock with a simple, clean interface with an appearance that can be changed by you! A beautiful clock that is a complement for any desktop, no matter how messy."

Idea Stimulator, By Through Design Pty Ltd $.99
It is not well designed but I may get your creative juices flowing.
"The 'Idea Stimulator' is designed to help you come up with ideas and keep coming up with them. There are over 110 different ways and exercises to help stimulate your creative mind and inspire ideas. All of which appear randomly. There's also an articles page with some great information and useful tips. So when you're stuck for creative inspiration and need something to help inspire ideas, just open up the 'Idea Stimulator' and get going."