30 new free typefaces! sweet! (reblog)

Smashing Magazine always post the best new free typefaces. I get excited with every new typeface and dance around, passing out smiles to all that see me. They do all the work and I gain the benefits with beautiful well designed typefaces. Enjoy!
30 New Free High-Quality Fonts

an ampersand a day...

Ok, I LOVE ampersands so when I found out I could enjoy a new one everyday I clicked as fast as my finger could move. Below are a few of my faves and a link to all 365 of them.

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"skate & destroy" (reblog)

"HARVEST by haroshi has been a refreshing take on recycled artwork, known for producing various items out of used skate decks. Showcasing all of the collective’s work throughout the years, they recently held an exhibition at the PLSMIS Gallery in Tokyo. Images of the show can be seen HERE, courtesy of Brandon Shigeta."

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