Everyday great ideas from creative people (like you and I) for projects or products go to Kickstarter for funding by people who believe in their creativity. Help a designer, product designer, or even a writer get their ideas and dreams off the ground by being "backer" and help fund their project.

You may have the question in your head "Well, what do I get out of this?" Good question, depending on the level of backing you are in you will get to not only see and experience the project from start to finish, but you may get the first items off the assembly line. It is really up to the person or people running the project.

So, follow me and help kick start some awesome creative projects that could change the world. Kickstarter

stealing like an artist (reblog)

I found this great post by Austin Kleon (a fellow Texan) called "HOW TO STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST (AND 9 OTHER THINGS NOBODY TOLD ME)" It is worth a glance if not a full read.

Austin talks about what life has taught him like "...there’s only one not-so-secret formula that I know: Do good work and put it where people can see it. It’s a two step process.
Step one, “do good work,” is incredibly hard. There are no shortcuts. Make stuff every day. Fail. Get better.
Step two, “put it where people can see it,” was really hard up until about 10 years ago. Now, it’s very simple: put your stuff on the internet.”

my, what lovely stationery you have

You may be familiar with Lovely Package but did you know in February 2011 they started Lovely Stationery? It's filled with pages of business cards, post cards, and a lot more. Bookmark it and visit daily to see whats new.

If you need to satisfy your stationery design inspiration craving follow me to Lovely Stationery.

The perfect bow (reblog)

Being a perfectionist in design bleeds over into gift wrapping as well. I know I am not alone in trying to create a above average gift experience. The best place to start and end is to know you are able to tie a perfect bow to add the finishing touch to a perfect gift.

Follow me to learn how to tie a fancy professional bow.