extraordinary designs of Heatherwick Studio

This is most definitely work worth sharing. If you are not familiar with Thomas Heatherwick then don't worry, you are not alone. Once you see the work of his studio you will never forget him. Watch his talk on TED and visit the Heatherwick Studio site.

"Heatherwick Studio is recognized for its work in: architecture, urban infrastructure, sculpture, furniture design and strategic thinking Team members come from disciplinary backgrounds that include architecture, product design, model-making, fabrication, landscape design, fine art and curation."

Here are just a few of the brilliant pieces of work done by Heatherwick Studio. Enjoy!

"Each chair is assembled from six metal spinnings, welded together and polished to produce a single unified form with a leather trim inlaid into the weight bearing rim."

Rolling Bridge (video and images)
"A common approach to designing opening bridges is to have a single rigid element that fractures and lifts out of the way. Rolling Bridge opens by slowly and smoothly curling until it transforms from a conventional, straight bridge, into a circular sculpture which sits on the bank of the canal."

UK Pavilion (video and images)
"The Seed Cathedral is a platform to show the work of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and their Millennium Seedbank....The Seed Cathedral is a 20-metre high building, constructed from 60,000 transparent 7.5-metre long optical strands, each of which has embedded within its tip a seed. The interior is silent and illuminated only by the daylight that has filtered past each seed through each optical hair."