the world's easiest making system (Ponoko)

If you have not heard of Ponoko then I would like to introduce you to the world's easiest making system. With Ponoko you can make, sell, and buy custom products. Here is an example; you have a cool idea for an awesome clock that is shaped like a stack of post-it notes that you can write notes on, you design it, upload it, and get a prototype from Ponoko. How simple is that? You can choose from a long list of materials to make your product out of like leather or steel and they even have electronic parts if you want to take on the challenge of building a cool new electronic doodad (that is the technical term). It's like your own little factory and you maitain all creative rights to anything made with Ponoko. There are even free files shared by the creators that you can use and personalize to make it your own, like the "Pono" figurine below. You can download him and make him out of clear silicone or gold plate material.

Follow me to check it all out and create something cool. I have included some cool products made on Ponoko below to show the wide range of possibilities.