pinterest, are you a pinner?

Pinterest seems to be one of the hottest new things on the web but with good reason. As a designer I use this virtual pinboard as a source of inspiration. Type in any keyword you can think of and it will return with thousands of images and boards created and pinned by other pinners. You can even follow people or like their pin rather than repinning it to your board.

I currently have only 9 boards but find great pinners almost everyday. It takes the 30 minute search for a cool idea down to 2 minutes. After signing up for Pinterest just install the plug-in for Firefox so you can pin your interest as you search.

Did I mention that Pinterest is free? The only drawback is that it is crazy addictive. I even have the app on my iPhone (I don't think it is available on droids yet).

Get pinning! Just be sure you tag your pins so others can find it. You can thank me later. :)