tech21 & the "magic" goo

The only way to explain the goo is to see the goo.
Set your peepers on this.

My guess is this goo is made of cornstarch and water, mix it something else to make it gummy, and add in some orange dye. BLAM! You are a millionaire! If haven't seen cornstarch and water in action it is true magic, or science whatevers.

Cornstarch and water is the cheapest toy you will ever spend hours with. It can get messy but is not hard to clean once it dries. Tip: You cannot stir in the water. It only makes it expand into a solid. You will bend your spoon silly.

I can totally see this goo working to keep a cell phone safe on the outside depending on how thick the case is. For a few seconds the goo expands to make a dense surface on the top layer and that is how it protects it. Anyhoo, I thought I would share my thoughts of what this magic goo could really be. Hey, maybe one of you can make your own magic cornstarch goo for cash.

If you have any thoughts on what this could be other than the cornstarch and water theory, please share. I would love to learn and hear your thoughts.