little printer = big possibilities

Everyone enjoys service with a smile and why not get your RSS services printed with a smile, a cute one at that. London based design studio BERG has developed a great Little Printer that lets you print your RSS feeds from your phone. They have partnered with a few companies like Nike, Google, and Foursquare, sure to make this launch in 2012 a great one. For instance with Google you can print news feeds and list or with Nike you can track your calories burned over the last few weeks, including yesterdays workout.

I think it is brilliant! Did I mention it is inkless?
Watch the video to fully understand the cool and cute factor of this. 

I hope they open the possibilities of this printer to business solutions like on-the-go receipt printing or instant customizable coupons or vouchers. This could be used for businesses on the go or just a daily to-do list you tear off on the way out the door after grabbing your keys. Really the possibilities are endless!

pinterest, are you a pinner?

Pinterest seems to be one of the hottest new things on the web but with good reason. As a designer I use this virtual pinboard as a source of inspiration. Type in any keyword you can think of and it will return with thousands of images and boards created and pinned by other pinners. You can even follow people or like their pin rather than repinning it to your board.

I currently have only 9 boards but find great pinners almost everyday. It takes the 30 minute search for a cool idea down to 2 minutes. After signing up for Pinterest just install the plug-in for Firefox so you can pin your interest as you search.

Did I mention that Pinterest is free? The only drawback is that it is crazy addictive. I even have the app on my iPhone (I don't think it is available on droids yet).

Get pinning! Just be sure you tag your pins so others can find it. You can thank me later. :)

geeks paradise

Design geek or regular geek I think there is something all geeks can agree on, off beat rare products are awesome! A geek with a replica 11th Doctor Who bow tie is a very happy geek. Although the design geek would order it for the cool factor and pick apart the packaging design seconds after ripping the tape off that FedEx package.

Anyhoo, for all the nerd, geeks, and dorks out there check out Geek Alerts. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Here a few of my favorites. I think my geekness is showing.

11th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Prop Replica

 iPhone Pinball Magic Desktop Pinball Machine

Bavarian Electric Touring Bicycle SWEET!

Futurama Slurm Energy Drink

Geek Alerts

Wacom Inkling = amazing!!!

Wacom produces some pretty awesome products but I think they have really out did themselves this time.

I present the Inkling.

Inkling is a new amazing digital sketch pen. Here is how it works.
  1. Buy Inking, duh ;)
  2. Sketch on any paper using the pen and reciver
  3. Prepare to have your mind blown.
Why will your mind be blown? Well, just watch (full-screen and in HD).

You see that?! Layers!! Sit tight because Inkling will not be out until mid October 2011 and is going for only $199.

Adobe Muse (get it while it's free)

Adobe finally caught on to the fact that not all web designers know how to code. Most web designers would like to build the darn thing themselves and just can't figure out the code mumbo jumbo.  So, Adobe has come out with a easy to use program for all designers called Muse. If you know how to use Illustrator, InDesign, or any other Adobe program you will most likely be able figure out Muse.

"Create websites as easily as you create layouts for print. You can design and publish original HTML pages to the latest web standards without writing code. Now in beta, Muse makes it a snap to produce unique, professional websites. - Adobe
Yeah, what they said.

Since this is in beta form IT IS FREE...for now. Follow me to get your free download of Muse before version one comes out and see how easy it is for yourself. I cracked this sucker open and played around for only 10 minutes and noticed how easy it was to edit various types of menus and sideshows. I am excited to build a site in this tool. 

With muse you can set-up your site-map, have design freedom, and make your site interactive with not one custom line of code. FINALLY!

Happy creating! Feel free to share your thoughts and sites after taking this sucker for a spin. 

words from the wise (Scott Wise)

Need a fresh view on things to simplify your complicated day?
Then Scott Wise has just the thing. Check out his site Wise Idea.

Simple. Beautiful. True. Hilarious!

"The grass is greener on the side without all the fucking geese"

"Don't count your chickens until they have hatched. Because then you're counting eggs, not chickens. Idiot."

"S is for scissors. N is for nife."

"now that's how it's doneth."

All ideas copyright Scott Wise.

Unleash Your Fingers (video)

You are about to be introduced to a dance called "Tutting." Who knew you could do so much just by moving your hands? I have seen this type of dancing before but mix it with cool motion graphics and it takes "Amazing!" up to "Oh My Gosh! My head is going to explode!" Well, at least thats what it did for me. I still won't stray away from my iPhone but great dancing.

Play it full-screen and in HD for the "wow" effect.    :)

Agency : Heaven
Director: Vincent Kherroubi
Post-Production : MOTIONFANCLUB
Music : La Rose & Vincent Drux

art of the menu

Let's face it, every restaurant menu you set your eyes on you critique it and think of all the ways you would have done it different. The type is too big, the color is all wrong, or it is just overall horrible and breaks your designer heart. If this is you, then you will enjoy "Art of the Menu," a site dedicated to showcasing very well designed menus. It makes my mouth water just looking through all the delicious choices.

If you have designed a beautiful menu and would like it shared just send it to Art of the Menu. I am sure since this site has just been baked they will gladly post your work of art. Here's how to send.

Order up! Dig in.
Not sold yet? Here is just a taste.

The Kickin’ Chicken
Multiple Locations, US

Oslo, Norway

The Ultimate Hitchcock Cookbook (video)

Enjoy this graduation project of three students from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover. This beautifully animated book contains recipes for Alfred Hitchcock’s classics. "It’s made for Hitchcock enthusiasts and every other couch potato out there." Lovely work guys!!

Hitch from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

Concept: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco, Torsten Strer
Layout  / Animation: Pascal Monaco, Felix Meyer
Sound Design: Torsten Strer
Sound Technician: Dirk Austen / Paul Productions
Voice: Peter Bennett 

how to create your first iPhone app (reblog)

Create your own app in 10 easy steps.
Thanks Smashing Magazine!
"What if you had a nickle for every time you heard: "I have the perfect idea for a great application!"? It’s the buzz on the street. The iPhone has created unprecedented excitement and innovation from people both inside and outside the software development community. Still for those outside the development world, the process is a bit of a mystery.

This how-to guide is supposed to walk you through the steps to make your idea for an iPhone app a reality. This post presents various ideas, techniques, tips, and resources that may come in handy if you are planning on creating your first iPhone application."

 Follow me to read the whole post.

i am baker

I secretly think I am great at baking and I love to bake anything challenging, especially when I can eat it after I am done. I found a blog that made my mouth water and humbled my little baking soul. It is called "i am baker" and you won't stop scrolling, clicking, and salivating once you visit this site. The cakes are beautiful and creative, the cookies are simple and cute, and it all makes me want to lick my computer screen. Not only will you see sugary sweets but there and loads of recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to make these beauty's yourself.

What are you waiting for? Dig in!
I have included a few shots of some of my favorite cakes and other yum yums.

Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake

the world's easiest making system (Ponoko)

If you have not heard of Ponoko then I would like to introduce you to the world's easiest making system. With Ponoko you can make, sell, and buy custom products. Here is an example; you have a cool idea for an awesome clock that is shaped like a stack of post-it notes that you can write notes on, you design it, upload it, and get a prototype from Ponoko. How simple is that? You can choose from a long list of materials to make your product out of like leather or steel and they even have electronic parts if you want to take on the challenge of building a cool new electronic doodad (that is the technical term). It's like your own little factory and you maitain all creative rights to anything made with Ponoko. There are even free files shared by the creators that you can use and personalize to make it your own, like the "Pono" figurine below. You can download him and make him out of clear silicone or gold plate material.

Follow me to check it all out and create something cool. I have included some cool products made on Ponoko below to show the wide range of possibilities.

4 simple & smart small ideas that make me smile

Sometimes the most simple ideas are some of the best. Here are 4 craft ideas that are not only smart but simple and easy to do. Try them out. :)

A very special tea time
"...treat your gorgeous guests to tea and a lovely note?  Now the only other thing missing is a biscuit… mmmmmm tea...."

Cute food for kids 

DIY decorating with masking tape
"Here's an easy way to customize plain ceramics: apply decorative tape in colors that match your home, your party decorations, or your current bouquet of flowers. Dress up inexpensive vases for DIY wedding table centerpieces or showers. And when you get tired of your design, just peel it off."

DIY Pantone chip magnets
Old Pantone chips? Put them to use.

extraordinary designs of Heatherwick Studio

This is most definitely work worth sharing. If you are not familiar with Thomas Heatherwick then don't worry, you are not alone. Once you see the work of his studio you will never forget him. Watch his talk on TED and visit the Heatherwick Studio site.

"Heatherwick Studio is recognized for its work in: architecture, urban infrastructure, sculpture, furniture design and strategic thinking Team members come from disciplinary backgrounds that include architecture, product design, model-making, fabrication, landscape design, fine art and curation."

Here are just a few of the brilliant pieces of work done by Heatherwick Studio. Enjoy!

"Each chair is assembled from six metal spinnings, welded together and polished to produce a single unified form with a leather trim inlaid into the weight bearing rim."

Rolling Bridge (video and images)
"A common approach to designing opening bridges is to have a single rigid element that fractures and lifts out of the way. Rolling Bridge opens by slowly and smoothly curling until it transforms from a conventional, straight bridge, into a circular sculpture which sits on the bank of the canal."

UK Pavilion (video and images)
"The Seed Cathedral is a platform to show the work of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and their Millennium Seedbank....The Seed Cathedral is a 20-metre high building, constructed from 60,000 transparent 7.5-metre long optical strands, each of which has embedded within its tip a seed. The interior is silent and illuminated only by the daylight that has filtered past each seed through each optical hair."


does this book make my nose look big?

Love, love, love this campaign! Simple and brilliant.

Become Someone Else
"When one reads books, he/she starts living it and identifies (or not) with main hero. These print ads for the Mint Vinetu bookstore, which sells lots of classics, focuses on the idea of becoming someone else. And provokes people to try on different personas."

Way to go Love Agency!

real beauty is inside the bible

"Eye candy" and "design" don't naturally come mind in a word association game around the bible. But, times have changed and there is no need to read a plain bible anymore. There are many great options out now of beautifully designed bibles. Just take a trip to your local Christian book store and see for yourself.

Hmm, I think I need a new bible after looking at a few cool ones. Here are a two of my favorites.